What Is the Difference Between High Wings and Low Wings on Aircraft?

While most commercial jets look very similar, smaller planes are often easier to distinguish because of a few key features. One such feature is their wing setup, which can either be high wing or low wing with regard to the location of the wing on the fuselage. As you might expect, this difference in orientation affects more than just the appearance of the plane. In this article, we discuss some of the pros and cons of each wing setup and why some pilots might favor one over the other.

What Is a High Wing Airplane?

A high wing airplane is a plane which has its primary wings located near the top of the fuselage. This placement gives the aircraft a higher level of stability and makes it less likely to roll or pitch during flight. The high wing placement also offers better visibility, making it well-suited for short-haul flights, but it is generally less efficient when it comes to fuel economy and performance. Altogether, these factors still make high wing airplanes a popular option for private pilots and recreational flyers, as they are generally easier to fly and more affordable to purchase and maintain.

What Is a Low Wing Airplane?

As you might expect, a low wing airplane is an aircraft that has its wings positioned near the bottom of the fuselage. This type of plane is considered less stable and harder to maneuver than its counterpart. However, many pilots still choose this option over others because of its superior performance. In fact, low wing vehicles are often faster than high wing models; so while they may not be as common, these planes are often preferred over others for travel and sport flying.

High Wing Versus Low Wing Airplanes

The placement of the wings near the top or bottom of the fuselage has a large effect on how each airplane performs during flight. As previously established, high wing airplanes are more stable and offer better visibility than their low-wing counterparts. However, they are also easier to roll, meaning that they can rotate more quickly around their longitudinal axis. Conversely, low wing airplanes are more maneuverable, being able to fly at slower speeds without stalling and having faster maximum speeds overall. Nevertheless, they are notably less stable and have poorer visibility which can make them less suitable for new pilots.

The other big difference between high and low wing airplanes is where their engine is situated. High wing planes can have their engines mounted on their wings because they positioned high off the ground, while low wing airplanes can have their engines mounted at the fuselage. With this in mind, high wing airplanes take off and land more slowly because of their increased weight and the difference in how much lift is generated. On the other hand, low wing airplanes can take off and land more quickly because the weight of the engine is closer to the ground.


Considering the various pros and cons to each type of wing configuration, high wing airplanes are typically more stable and are better for training purposes. Alternatively, low wing airplanes are faster and have better maneuverability, making them a preferred option for those who prefer a sporty experience. Regardless of which type of plane one operates, it is always important to source high-quality components that will stay durable over time. Buy Aviation Parts is a leading distributor of high wing and low wing parts alike, alongside other in-demand items within the aviation industry. Moreover, we work with a widespread network of supply locations, guaranteeing expedited shipping on all orders no matter where our customers are located. Get in contact with a representative today to see how we can support you in finding the items you need with proven quality you can count on!


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