List of Aerospace Hardware Parts

Hardware refers to the physical components used in the structural assembly of a complete mechanism, vehicle, or system. Though hardware would typically encompass fasteners and bearings, this category excludes these components as well as complete products or items. This category encompasses hardware used in the construction or maintenance of an aircraft, from belts to IT hardware. The items included in this category are brackets, springs, rings, and the like.

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We offer aircraft hardware from top manufacturers, including Airbus, Alcoa Fastening Systems, Belden, Boeing, Cessna, Eaton, HellermannTyton, Honeywell, Raytheon, SAFRAN, and more.


A bracket is a type of hardware that is used as a support mechanism to secure or attach materials together. Aircraft bracket types are categorized into the following class orientations: Class A, Class B, and Class C. This type of hardware is incorporated in various aircraft systems; the following brackets are suitable for aircraft use: control surface hinge brackets, pulley brackets within cable assemblies, and flange support brackets.


Springs are mechanical devices used to retain, store, and/or release energy within a hardware system. Springs are compressed to manipulate the force of internal and external loads and are activated by manipulating force created by their compression. They are typically utilized in applications that require quick-release fastening, or applications that call for support mechanisms such as spring locks. Spring might be used alongside sheet spring nuts, camloc fastener grommet and stud assemblies, and other components.


Rings are a type of seal that are commonly used within hydraulic and pneumatic systems; they are integrated individually, or multiple rings are used. This device is inserted in a specialized groove between two surfaces and is then able to act as a seal. Rings are utilized in concurrence with multiple aircraft systems including fuel injectors, valves, and compressors. Rings can be metallic or non-metallic and differ according to their applications. Stainless steel, metal alloys, plastics, and polymers are the standard materials used to construct rings. This category encompasses the following: anti-extrusion rings, backing rings, o-rings, ring assemblies, ring gages, snap rings, vane rings, and others.


Gaskets are a ring-shaped mechanical seal used in a variety of aircraft applications. They can be used to secure the connection between two surfaces, as anti-vibration devices. They are also used for support and mounting purposes. Gaskets prevent leakage of gas or liquids in sealing applications; they also act as a safety device and are designed to fail in extreme pressure loads. Gaskets are most commonly seen in hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, and ultra-high vacuum systems. They are typically constructed of materials including silicon, rubber, plastic polymers, copper, and a variety of metal alloys. Gasket types include flange gaskets, kammprofile gaskets, and fishbone gaskets.


A valve is a mechanical device used to regulate the flow of a fluid, air, or liquid. Most valves are engineered to direct and control flow by opening, closing, or obstructing a fluid path. Multiple aircraft assemblies integrate valves to manipulate the flow of fluids. Valves can be operated via manual control, motorized, or solenoid operated.

Brass, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome and silicon alloys, plastics such as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are all common materials used to construct valves; the material make-up of a valve is dependent on its application. Components of this type include valve assemblies, check valves, drain valves, flow valves, heat valves, manifold valves, and X valves.


This category describes any nonmetallic device that can be used for leak prevention and as a load redundancy component when assembling two surfaces together; this category does not include sealants or sealing compounds. Seal types are categorized by the following: fluid type, pressure loads, clearance between surfaces, integrated metals, and the rotary or reciprocating motion of a system. This hardware is most commonly seen in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, pumps and valves, aircraft structural components such as doors, windows, and access panels. Common seal types include O-rings, U-rings, V-rings, U-cups, and strip sealing.


Belts are used to drive power systems in an aircraft where other methods are less efficient. Belting is used in concurrence with belt drives and synchronous belt drives. Rubber, leather, and canvas are the most commonly used materials to construct belts. This type of hardware also includes belts with specific gauges and tooth pitch that is paired with a mating sheave, pulley, or other receptacle. This category includes flat belts, V-belts, ribbed V-belts, variable speed belts, banded speed belts, timing belts, and others.

Ropes, Chains, and Applicable Fittings

Ropes, cables, and chains are categorized by load capacity, minimum breaking strength, flexibility, diameter, compound makeup, and intended application. This category includes miscellaneous ropes, cables, and chains used in aerospace applications; this category also encompasses those used in manufacturing and maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO).

Rope includes running ropes used with sheaves and drums, stationary and stay ropes used with higher tensile forces, track ropes/full locked ropes for rollers, steel wire rope, control surface wire rope with wire strand core (WSC), and others.

Aircraft cables are typically a bundle of cables used for suspension and are made of various materials. The cables listed here include steel cables, rigging cables, galvanized cable, vinyl coated cable, and others; general safety cables and lighting cables are also included in this category.

Chains used in aircraft applications are categorized by loop structure and material makeup.  They are most commonly constructed of steel or steel alloys. Chains and chain assemblies include roller chains, roller chain assemblies, alloy chains, high tensile transport chains, conveyor chains, lubricated chains, corrosion resistant chains, and others.

Fittings are add-ons or attachments that commonly serve as terminals between rope, cable, and chain hardware. This category includes attachment components and terminals such as hooks, shackles, pulleys, wedges, clamps, swivels, and others.


Aircraft kitting refers to a collection of related parts and materials that are sold as a package; it is an assembly of required parts and materials for the maintenance or repair of particular aircraft components. They can also refer to a collection of parts and tools necessary to build a system or assembly.

Tape, Tools, Etc.

Aircraft tape is highly regulated by the FAA and is utilized in multiple applications. Tape types are based on moisture exposure, temperature variations, wind exposure, and other conditions. Tape types are also categorized by their use in repair and overhaul, airport ground operations, and an aircraft's flight cycle. Specialized aircraft tape categories include speed tape (aluminum tape) and mylar tape.

Aircraft tools and tool accessories are used in aircraft manufacturing, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). Tools for fitting and installation are also included in this category; tooling and tool kits for turbine engine maintenance and repair are not included in this category.

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