How Do Machine Screws Work?

Machine screws are used to fasten metal parts together within various types of machinery, such as milling machines, industrial lathes, home appliances, and more. They are typically designed with finer, more accurate threads than other fastener types and are made of metal alloys that can be toughened to withstand the loads that they will encounter. Moreover, unlike other screws, machine screws feature a threaded shank at one end and a set screw at the other. With this configuration, the head is attached to a single piece of metal and held in position by a set screw.

How Can a Machine Screw be Defined?

A screw is defined as a machine screw when its threads are designed for use in a machine. Whenever this type of machine screw is driven into the preformed hole of a machine, it holds any two pieces together. More specifically, the fully threaded shank makes it possible to drive machine screws into any hole with internal threads. Despite being primarily used in machines, machine screws must also be capable of handling various liquids and vibrations.

Although machine screws are expected to be long-lasting components, they are made of thin, weak materials that can crack if subjected to excessive vibrations from a machine. As such, it is important that good quality machine screws are used. In fact, if moisture is present, low-quality machine screws can rust or corrode. However, when a high-grade machine screw is utilized, it offers a solid and reliable connection between two metal workpieces.

What Are Common Applications of Machine Screws?

Machine screws are used in a wide range of operational settings, including manufacturing, architecture, and healthcare sectors. In construction, they can be utilized in place of conventional bolts or nails, whereas in the medical field, they can be employed for a variety of purposes, such as holding splints in place during surgery and securing IV bags and tubing.

Different Types of Machine Screws

Similar to other screw types, machine screws are available in many variations, and in this section, we will outline a few of them. To begin, flat head screws are the first variety, those of which serve as the most common type. Characterized by their flat, countersunk heads, which allow them to sit flush against the surface they are attached to, they are frequently used in carpentry, furniture assembly, and light-duty electronics installations. Next, truss head screws have a larger, flatter head, making them ideal for applications that benefit from a decorative finish. When compared to flat head screws, truss head screws have a greater torque resistance as a result of their larger surface area. As such, they are used in woodworking projects and electrical installations where aesthetics are more important than strength. Lastly, there are pan head screws, which feature a rounded top positioned higher above the surface than the other two types, making them more compatible with thicker materials like metal or plastic sheets.


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