If given a diagram of an aircraft, many people could confidently label the wings, nose, tail, and perhaps the aircraft engine. When tasked with identifying such components as the empennage or power plants, their confidence levels may dip. There a few key components that make up the aircraft design that is universally recognized.

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A bearing is a device that supports the rotational and linear movement, bears various loads and stresses, and reduces friction. The application of bearings has been seen throughout history, predating the wheel, but over the last century, its designs have become much more advanced.

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There are a few types of aircraft de-icing equipment that modern aircraft might utilize in the event of ice forming on the airframe. Because of the various factors that affect an airplane in flight, a pilot has to make a few considerations when using said equipment. The practicality of any aircraft de-icing system depends on the density of the ice in question, and how removal will affect the aerodynamic characteristics of the airfoil. Let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of three main types of aircraft de-icing systems—pneumatic de-icing boots, chemical de-icing, and bleed air heating.

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In this day and age, we believe that every vehicle should come with a functioning braking system in order to ensure safety. However, from the creation of the first plane to the advancements made during WWI, the early plane had no need for a complex braking system. It flew at such slow speeds that it only relied on the friction of the wheels touching the ground in order to come to a gradual stop. But as war created the need for faster and larger planes, a functioning brake system became necessary. Contemporary aircraft now typically have a dedicated brake unit for each of its main wheels in order for it to come to a stop in a timely manner.

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