How Flight Data is Used to Improve Aircraft Engine Performance

As the aviation industry continues to grow in size, engineers are always searching for new improvements to be made for the benefit of flying. One crucial area of focus is the engine as increasing its performance can make flights more efficient and safe. Whether experts seek to find the perfect amount of fuel for flight planning or are determined to avoid lengthy and costly maintenance procedures before they occur, flight data is paramount for conducting the research needed for achieving such advances in technology and operations.

In order to best prevent the various mechanical issues that an aircraft may face during its service life, it can be useful to monitor and track trends related to engine components. For larger airliners or operators that may own fleets of aircraft, teams may be employed to run around-the-clock data analysis for performance, and they will often track factors such as oil usage, fuel temperatures, and other data that may be used to prevent a larger maintenance requirement down the line. If an issue can be spotted before it has a chance to have a major effect on performance, the repair procedure can often be much quicker and cheaper. Monitoring trends is also important for the general health of parts as measurements may be used to discern when aircraft engine maintenance should be conducted. By cross-referencing obtained performance data to expected performance data from engines of the same model, one can further determine the well-being of their equipment.

If one requires individuals for conducting trend tracking and analysis, some companies such as GE Aviation offer comprehensive diagnostic packages and teams which can ensure that engines remain steadfast and reliable throughout their use. With services from the likes of GE Aviation, customers can even receive customized services where they can be provided with more lead-times for getting spare valves, filters, or other parts needed for a maintenance procedure. Companies that offer such services will also utilize data that they have obtained from all their global customers to better their offered services.

Beyond preventing more lengthy maintenance procedures, data analysis can also ensure that aircraft are always provided with sufficient fuel for a given operation. By analyzing trends related to the fuel flow rates and fuel usage of an aircraft, flight planning can be fine-tuned to accommodate the performance of a particular engine so that enough fuel is supplied for a safe operation. This can also affect the routes that a particular aircraft takes, ensuring that it is capable of conducting the flight operation without issue.

While data analysis can potentially prevent the failure of a particular part or component by spotting issues ahead of time, it is more useful for determining when routine aircraft engine maintenance should be conducted. As parts age over time and lose their performance, such changes can be tracked for data analysis. Once parts begin to age or breakdown to a point where they are unable to function as intended or are detracting from the performance of the aircraft itself, they should be replaced before they become an issue or fail.

With the proper use of data analysis and trend monitoring, aircraft engines can be well maintained for optimal fuel burning, propulsion, and general operation. If you find yourself in need of replacement aircraft parts or aircraft maintenance tools, look no further than Buy Aviation Parts. Buy Aviation Parts is a premier distributor of aircraft parts, offering top quality items sourced from leading global manufacturers such as GE aviation or CFM International Engines. As you explore our vast offerings, we invite you to take advantage of our offered RFQ services in order to receive competitive quotes on everything that you are interested in. Begin the purchasing process today and see why customers choose to rely on Buy Aviation Parts for all their operational needs.


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