Aircraft Lubricant Dispensing & Transferring

In any maintenance sector, whether it’s in the automotive industry or the aircraft industry, knowing how and what equipment to use for lubricating the tools you work with is an essential skill. It’s critical especially in the aviation sector to understand how to properly distribute and move your lubricants to where they need to be. By strictly abiding by safety protocols, you reduce risk of potential contamination and you keep your lubricants in places that are easy to find and simple to use. If you are interested in learning more about the types of lubricants that you can use as well as how to properly use them, you may find the article below helpful.   

There are methods to avoid cross contamination when dealing with lubricants, particularly when you are distributing them or transferring them. One method whc you can use is color coding the labels on the containers or tagging them so as to guarantee that the lubricants are not mixed. As soon as they are labeled, you can color code the equipment with the tags. When choosing a container, do not use a galvanized container to transfer the lubricants. By utilising this container, you can potentially cause the mineral zinc to leak onto the oil or onto the lubricant. In these scenarios it is best to make use of sanitized and sealed plastic containers and designate one container per lubricant type so as to prevent any cross contamination occurs.

Along with color coding, it's also vital to remember to screen any and all oils and lubricants that are placed into your machinery. Whether new or old, any lube/oil should be filtered as a clean solution is always necessary to ensure a safe procedure. Additionally a lubricant filter cart should and may be used whenever applicable. Some other things to consider when organizing your lubricants and oils is using a rack mount for your dispensing station as an effective tool to use for proper handling. Selecting a dispensing container that was made for lubricant analysis is vital because the tools that you utilize to distribute and move your liquids are maintained at extreme degrees of cleanliness and quality. Not doing this puts you at risk of cross contamination of your equipment and machinery with your fluids.

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