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Buy Aviation Parts makes your purchasing process as simple as possible. With our one-stop-shop purchasing solution, we provide immediate access to over 3 billion new and obsolete NSN Parts under (CAGE Code D9476) including part number TK-BA43-6532-027, TK6840-008, LBBAIV2E-4104, TK-BA36-6810-0060, TK7490-002 of Bundesamt Fuer Inc. We readily supply top NSN items to meet FAA and mil-spec requirements for parts such as Glove X Ray Protective, Disinfectant Genera, Case Medical Instrument And Supply Set, Ion Exchange Compou, Tapewriter. Get all parts under (CAGE Code D9476) at reasonable rate.

CAGE Code D9476 Details

Status : A Type : C Woman Owned : N Business Type : -
Business Size : N Primary Business : N CAO Code : - ADP Code : -

Manufacturer for CAGE Code D9476

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code D9476

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
TK-BA43-6532-027 glove x ray protective 6532-12-280-0221 Avl RFQ
TK6840-008 disinfectant genera 6840-12-322-0567 Avl RFQ
LBBAIV2E-4104 case medical instrument and supply set 6545-12-315-4053 Avl RFQ
TK-BA36-6810-0060 ion exchange compou 6810-12-189-4205 Avl RFQ
TK7490-002 tapewriter 7490-00-322-5615 Avl RFQ
TK7920-003 handle cylindrical end 7920-12-338-9530 Avl RFQ
TK-FG-TB-6850-032 deicing compound a 6850-12-341-5281 Avl RFQ
TK-BA24-6532-103GR 46 clogs 6532-12-339-3175 Avl RFQ
TK-BA42-6850-275 water purification 6850-12-152-7462 Avl RFQ
367-29 mat gymnasium 7830-12-120-0959 Avl RFQ
TK6545-117 surgical instrument set eye injuries 6545-12-360-1936 Avl RFQ
TK-KG44-9905-010 markierungskegel v 9905-12-330-6328 Avl RFQ
TK6505-117 o phenylphenol isopropyl alcohol and n propyl alcohol solution 6505-12-322-0534 Avl RFQ
TK6532-006 smock physician s 6532-12-341-1422 Avl RFQ
TK6545-071 first aid kit burn treatment 6545-12-348-3686 Avl RFQ
TK7350-003F kelchglas 7350-12-354-2821 Avl RFQ
TK6505-098 atenolol tablette 6505-12-320-5388 Avl RFQ
TK-KG55-6930-585 training set aircraft mechanic 6930-12-309-9088 Avl RFQ
TK7350-004-2.2.1 teller esz 7350-12-195-3008 Avl RFQ
5800400-7122 mast section 5985-00-115-7149 Avl RFQ
TK-BA33-6850-067 cleaning compound a 6850-12-187-2341 Avl RFQ
TK KG V 5 7490 411 04 92 tapewriter 7490-00-322-5615 Avl RFQ
TK7360-009-21 reibe lebensmittel 7330-12-140-4537 Avl RFQ
TK6550-004 test strips and color chart blood protein glucose and urobilinogen in urine 6550-12-162-8907 Avl RFQ
TK8030-033 caulking compound 8030-12-321-7292 Avl RFQ
TK6850-041 carbon removing com 6850-12-323-3629 Avl RFQ
TK6850-047 carbon removing com 6850-12-326-2498 Avl RFQ
TK8415-043-18-A eszgeschirr feld 7330-12-347-5222 Avl RFQ
TK-BA36-6810-040 ion exchange compou 6810-12-189-8730 Avl RFQ
TK6840-018 disinfectant genera 6840-12-348-4800 Avl RFQ
TK-BA36-6810-060 ion exchange compou 6810-12-308-6665 Avl RFQ
TK-BA34-9905-056-6 schild hinweis 9905-12-332-4771 Avl RFQ
TK-BA34-9905-057-10 schild hinweis 9905-12-332-4797 Avl RFQ
TK6810-010 naphtha aliphatic 6810-12-350-1297 Avl RFQ
TK7125-007-A-BILD-NR.70 case and table mail distribution 7110-12-351-4781 Avl RFQ
TK6260-002-4 light chemiluminescent 6260-01-218-5146 Avl RFQ
TK-BA33-6810-027 sodium chloride tec 6810-12-147-9908 Avl RFQ
TK-KG54-2530-002 wheel pneumatic tire 2530-12-171-6251 Avl RFQ
TK6505-058 mucopolysaccharidpolysulfuric acid ester extractum glandulae suprarenales and salicylic acid ointment 6505-12-320-5409 Avl RFQ
TK6550-006 test strips and color chart glucose in blood 6550-12-337-5718 Avl RFQ
TK-BA24-6532-103 clogs 6532-12-339-3170 Avl RFQ
TK6505-319 piritramid injection 6505-12-360-5863 Avl RFQ
TK5340-482-020 padlock 5340-12-129-3078 Avl RFQ
TK8465-028-4 anzuender glimmdoc 9920-12-348-5659 Avl RFQ
TK6505-235 sulfadiazine silver cream 6505-12-344-1281 Avl RFQ
TK6545-105 surgical instrument set maxillofacial injuries 6545-12-354-7597 Avl RFQ
TK8530-001 rasierapparat hand 8530-12-349-0805 Avl RFQ
TK-BA33-6850-059 cleaning compound e 6850-12-171-9781 Avl RFQ
367-24 wurfkeule 7810-12-120-6343 Avl RFQ
TK-BA42-6505-324 neostigmine methylsulfate injection usp 6505-12-210-0044 Avl RFQ
TK-BA34-9905-057-11 schild hinweis 9905-12-332-4798 Avl RFQ
TK6850-057 citric acid solutio 6810-12-311-7500 Avl RFQ
TK6545-058 insert medical instrument and supply set case 6545-12-334-7079 Avl RFQ
TK-BA33-6850-102 heat transfer fluid 6850-12-324-9406 Avl RFQ
TK6910-243 unterrichtsausstatt 6910-12-183-8234 Avl RFQ
TK-BA36-6850-050 chemical kit water 6850-12-189-3543 Avl RFQ
TK-BA46-7910-024 polisher scrubber vacuum floor electric 7910-12-301-8796 Avl RFQ
TK7195-004 tisch arbeits 7195-12-321-3114 Avl RFQ
TK-BA33-7930-024 finish floor nonbuffing 7930-12-313-2100 Avl RFQ
TK-BA36-6850-130 cleaning compound s 6850-12-311-7362 Avl RFQ
TK-BA42-6910-114 paint kit war wound demonstration 6910-12-137-0808 Avl RFQ
TK-BA42-6505-085 alcuronium chloride injection 6505-12-153-2100 Avl RFQ
TK-BA36-6810-070 charcoal activated 6810-12-328-9953 Avl RFQ
TK7110-007 safe 7110-12-352-0385 Avl RFQ
TK6850-002 parting compound 6850-12-303-5253 Avl RFQ
TK6810-002 naphtha aliphatic 6810-12-338-3740 Avl RFQ
TK6810-010 naphtha aliphatic 6810-12-189-6788 Avl RFQ
TK-BA33-6850-066 inhibitor lime dep 6850-12-175-4344 Avl RFQ
TK-FE23-7730-006 receiving set television 7730-12-328-7262 Avl RFQ
TK-BA42-6505-335 prednicarbate cream 6505-12-313-9148 Avl RFQ
TK-BA33-6850-022 cleaning compound d 6850-12-140-7138 Avl RFQ
TK-BA33-6850-061 passivating agent 6850-12-184-6677 Avl RFQ
TK6505-016 ketamine hydrochloride injection usp 6505-12-316-9777 Avl RFQ
TK-BA34-9905-056-20 schild hinweis 9905-12-332-4785 Avl RFQ
TK-BA24-6532-103GR 40 clogs 6532-12-339-3169 Avl RFQ
TK7360-005 grundplatte doseno 7330-12-341-8737 Avl RFQ
TK-BA42-6545-067 insert medical instrument and supply set case 6545-12-180-1161 Avl RFQ
TK6505-167 fluspirilen injekti 6505-12-331-5331 Avl RFQ
TK6505-063 chlorhexidine hydrochloride and benzocaine lozenges 6505-12-322-0547 Avl RFQ
TK-BA33-6850-072 leak test compound 6850-12-175-7185 Avl RFQ
TK2540 015 coupler drawbar ring 2540-12-196-3013 Avl RFQ
TK-BA34-9905-057-2 schild hinweis 9905-12-332-4789 Avl RFQ
TK-BA34-9905-056-3 schild hinweis 9905-12-332-4768 Avl RFQ
TK-BA15-6850-047 cleaning compound e 6850-12-186-5878 Avl RFQ
TK58400-7100 handset 5965-00-163-9947 Avl RFQ
TK6505-131 amphotericin b for injection usp 6505-12-191-5228 Avl RFQ
TK-WTD41-440-2610-001 inner tube pneumatic tire vehicular 2610-12-121-1034 Avl RFQ
TK6810-0060 ion exchange compou 6810-12-189-4205 Avl RFQ
TK-BA33-6850-091 boiler compound 6850-12-191-5828 Avl RFQ
TK-BA54-8430-029 clogs 6532-12-309-3506 Avl RFQ
TK-BA46-3510-121 waeschereieinheit 3510-12-335-4680 Avl RFQ
TK-BA42-6505-127 digoxin injection usp 6505-12-165-8539 Avl RFQ
TK6545-115 surgical instrument set eye injuries 6545-12-360-1937 Avl RFQ
TK6930-597 training set aircraft mechanic 6930-12-309-9084 Avl RFQ
TK-BA46-2320-164 lastkraftwagen pri 2320-12-337-8514 Avl RFQ
TK-BA34-9905-056-18 schild hinweis 9905-12-332-4783 Avl RFQ
TK-BA34-9905-056-13 schild hinweis 9905-12-332-4778 Avl RFQ
TK-BA25-6930-001 simulator pumpenst 6930-12-317-0248 Avl RFQ
TK6640-018 test kit bacteria determination 6550-12-354-2095 Avl RFQ
GB119C1-484 schuessel servier 7350-12-140-3462 Avl RFQ

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